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GTA V for 2011?

Jul 13, 2011   //   by livejoker   //   GTA  //  Comments Off

R* are famous for:

A)Making AAA-title games, meaning they are high-quality, usually have a score of 8/10 and higher from most reviews of known gaming websites and magazines.

B)Announcing a game at the last minute…except Max Payne 3 (see:Max Payne 3 was to be released in late 2009).

Rockstar has been busy with L.A Noire, I’ll give them that, but it’s no excuse to NOT work on GTA V. L.A Noire was worked on by Team Bondi but many traits of R* can be seen in everything the game implies to ”stealing” cars for police business up to the way Cole Phelps, main character, walks. R* were mere publishers of the game. They least they could do is announce they’re working on it. Or work on announcing that they’re working on it. Or make an announcement that they’re working on announcing they’re working on it. Anyone agrees to this?

So far, few have said Sam Houser, co-founder and President of Rockstar games, confirmed GTA V to some non-reliable websites. Other high-profile websites have failed to grasp the same news. Need an example?

This website: http://www.jeuxcherche.com/12074-grand-theft-auto-5.htm

This is a french website so many of you readers may not understand. Scroll down and you’ll see a small paragraph that reads:

”Grand Theft Auto V est un jeu d’action développé par Take-Two et édité par Rockstar Games. Le jeu serait prévu pour PS3, Xbox 360 et PC.”

First off, they’re saying GTA V is being developed by Take-Two and edited by Rockstar. Mixed up? It’s being developed by Rockstar and ”edited”/published by Take-Two. As expected, it will be for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. No big surprise here. No source, no nothing. I wonder who actually believed that website.

I do have a source that I trust. Main points are below, whole article can be read here: http://guyism.com/lifestyle/grand-theft-auto-5-is-officially-off-the-record-in-the-works.html

The article says ”According to Gamespot’s sources within Take-Two”, so this ”source” are all answers given by that person. The answers may as well may be made up but….oh, what the heck! Let’s see what the guy wrote!

”When in 2012?
Well, if things are going quite strongly, I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s as soon as next spring, which is traditionally when Rockstar games are released, around April time. Though if part 5 is indeed as big as it they’re saying, perhaps they might feel confident to go toe to toe with all the end of the year blockbusters. But my gut says no; Rockstar doesn’t want to risk not having the spotlight all to itself.”

” How will it look?Amazing, one would have to assume. Though one has to wonder if all the fancy tech facial technology that was employed in LA Noire will be utilized. No doubt it will be tapped into, though not all the way like before maybe, unless they again for a full featured cast of established actors. Which you never know, since again, this new game will be so huge. Given how regarded the acting in the games have been, I wouldn’t be shocked if the next game is headlined by a major Hollywood star…”

Why was there three dots at the end? Is this major Hollywood star already cast? Plus, didn’t R* recently announced they won’t work with Team Bondi again from recent events? If you missed those events…well, basically Team Bondi had a fit and R* wanted none of it. Source can be viewed at the end of this article.

 This little story of Rockstar and Team Bondi bounces me back to my next point:

”Other predictions?Will take up a whopping four discs on the Xbox 360, there will be no Wii U version, and sorry, no return of Niko Bellic still. I believe the actor who played him, Michael Hollick, is still on not such great terms with Rockstar (dude believes he deserves a bigger cut of the profit margin from part four, and gotta say, he is a MAJOR reason why that game worked as well as it did).”

4 discs?! How many discs did L.A Noire have? 3. Why? Because of major facials. Not the kind you see in adult movies. Will R* use facial-realistic faces in GTA V? Do they have the right? I believe Team Bondi created the MotionScan technology for scanning actors faces in a full 360 degrees from every angle. Why would GTA V  need realistic faces, though? Only if the world of GTA V would have realistic graphics. I don’t mean cutscene-like graphics…on second that, i’d love a GTA real enough that it looks like Final Fantasty cut-scenes! Not as cheesy, though.

In previous posts, you’ll notice I rely heavily on a certain website called Videogameblogger.com. Love it. I went back a few months and noticed a lot of updates. Let’s check the last updates:

November 2009 update:GTA series producer/writer/voice artist Dan Houser had an interview with The Times London newspaper about the next GTA game. To quote the article: “There’s a Western game in the works for next spring, and the next GTA to think of. ‘We’ll think of a city first, then the characters,’ says Houser. The script he will end up co-writing will run to around 1,000 pages, nearly ten times as much as a feature film.

Western game? Red Dead Redemption (already released). The script he mentioned is not the script for Red Dead Redemption. If this 1,000 page script is real then could the 4 disc fact be real? Let’s keep digging!

December 2010 update:
Clearly a quick turnaround analysts promised us for the next GTA game didn’t happen. Instead a Fall 2011 release for GTA5 is much more likely. In the end, an extra year of development will make sure the game will be higher quality and more fun to play.

Always have to predict towards the end of the year, huh? One last update:

April 2011 update: The latest rumors see Grand Theft Auto 5 coming to Wii 2alongside Xbox 360 and PS3 in fall 2012. Since that’s when the Wii 2 is said to launch, the story here being that GTA5 would be a launch game.

GTA on a Wii 2? The Wii was for casual players, not core gamer will buy a Wii for core gaming (if you are a hardcore gamer that owns a Wii, please light your Wii on fire or don’t call yourself a core gamer). Then again, GTA wasn’t for core. So this is a possibility but I still don’t see GTA using motion sensors. Then again, I never thought Kinect would be so successful.

Well, there you have it! I’ve been searching websites up and down for the past months with no big break-through as R* are truly secretive on the information being leaked. There is ONE last thing, though. If you have picked up your July 2011 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, turn to the last page and the ”ball” will point to a GTA V announcement in summer (2011). No joke. Need proof? Pick up an OXM July 2011 issue at your nearest corner store! If they do make an announcement on their website, you can view it from there. Website will be in the sources below.


Online Xbox Magazine (OXM):

Team Bondi & Rockstar having a bad day: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/35661/Report_Rockstar_Will_Not_Work_With_Team_Bondi_Again.php

Website asking questions to Gamespot source:

Gamespot source:


GTA V on the Wii 2?:

*Editor’s note: As said, I was planning to do a day-to-day diary of L.A Noire (which was great!) but recent events have made things impossible since the release of the game. No plan to start doing it.*

Please tell us what you think of GTA V! Will it be set in San Andreas? Vice City? London? Disneyland?
Thanks :)

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